Vista's Cyber Policy

Data Protection legislation has been in force in the EU since the late 1990s to protect how data held on individuals is stored and shared by organisations and computer systems.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Directive came into force 25th May 2018 – superseding the previous Data Protection legislation. It further protects and empowers EU citizens’ data privacy and aims to reshape the way organisations consider data privacy.

For the Video Surveillance Systems industry; responsibility for adherence to GDPR legislation rests with the entire vendor supply chain, the CCTV Integrator and all the way through to the end-user organisation collecting, storing and administering user data.

It is outside the scope of this document to cover the legalities of GDPR (please refer to the specific link to our Privacy Policy); it serves only as a Technical Guide to the Video Surveillance Systems Integrator in the considerations and best practices of “hardening” and securing a Video Surveillance system – Cyber Security-wise – to help them safeguard user data towards complying with GDPR.

Cyber Security is an extensive subject, resulting in a Consulting industry dedicated to it, and covering the subject in great detail is outside the scope of this information; which is intended to only assist the CCTV Installer in hardening current Vista products and raise awareness of the more immediate Cyber considerations. References to other Cyber Security reading resources are provided below:

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Microsoft Resources

Microsoft Windows features in several Vista’s CCTV solutions and is used extensively throughout the Video Surveillance Systems Industry. Keep abreast of Microsoft updates and alerts by using the following resources:

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Other Useful Resources

Cyber Security has been an I.T. Industry concern for many years and there are many free and independent resources for information.